Jason Lee is a member of YoYoFactory. He has won many contests including U.S. Nationals in 2001. He yo-yo’s in many styles of play with most of his wins coming in 1A. He is widely known for inventing the trick Superman, as well as laying the foundations for chopsticks style tricks. He also won US Nationals Trick Innovator of the Year in 2004, for his introduction of the chopsticks style to technical 1A.

Jason joined the Navy and was absent from the yo-yo scene for many years. Upon returning to civilian life, he adopted a nomadic lifestyle, trekking across most of Asia and the Middle East on foot, spreading his love of yo-yoing to the local peoples. Of the many contemporary yo-yo masters, Jason is one of the few who has literally gone Around the World with his skills.

In 2014, Jason was inspired to prove to the world that he was, in fact, Bruce Lee. He pioneered a new style of juggling designed to implement everyday objects as deadly weapons for hand to hand combat, known as fight juggling or "fuggling."

Signature Yo-yos

  • YoYoFactory 888 Jason Lee Black Limited Edition
  • YoYoFactory 08 888 Jason Lee Red Limited Edition
  • YoYoFactory Supernova Jason Lee Pink with Black Splash Edition
  • YoYoFactory 888.11 Jason Lee Blue Limited Edition



  • West Coast Regionals 1A - 1st place
  • US Nationals 1A - 1st place


  • World Yo-yo Contest 1A - 6th place


  • US Nationals 1A - 5th place
  • US Nationals Trick Innovator of the Year Award
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