Grind Mutant 2
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date January 2007
Shape H-Profile
Color Magenta
Weight 62 grams (without hubstacks)
66 grams (with hubstacks)
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Material Aluminum body with delrin hubstacks
Bearing size Size C
Response system .555 Dif Pads

The Grind Mutant 2 is the sixth yo-yo in YoYoFactory's "Project Red Alert" series. Based on the G5, but with an extremely wide profile, it was colored magenta in tribute to the original Grind Mutant.

The yo-yo proved to be particularly difficult for YoYoFactory to produce, so only twenty-four pieces were ever made. Twelve of them were released to the public. Because of the challenges in manufacturing the yo-yo, ten Grind Mutant 2's had to be destroyed due to quality problems.


  • The number of Grind Mutant 2's successfully produced is exactly the same as that of the original Grind Mutant.


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