YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer 3yo3
Release date 2010s
Shape Step Straight
Color Various
Weight 68.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52.65mm
Width: 39.4mm
Material Acrylic plastic
Bearing size Size C
Response system General Yo Hat Pads (thin)

The Acryllion is a yo-yo produced by Landon Balk's 3yo3 company, released somewhere in the early 2010s.


Not unlike the earlier Cosmo yo-yo, the Acryllion is machined by hand out of a solid block of acrylic plastic. It features an axle system like those of the older Dif-e-Yo models, along with the same physical measurements as the Cosmo. The yo-yo uses a large C-bearing, in addition to thin Hat Pad response from General Yo.

However, the profile is much different than the Cosmo; The Acryllion's edges round off to a balanced Step Straight shape, leading to a different feeling of play.