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Manufacturer 3yo3
Release date Fall 2010
Shape Straight
Color Various
Weight 68 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53mm
Width: 39mm
Material Acrylic plastic
Bearing size Size C
Response system Silicone

The Cosmo by 3yo3 is the first yo-yo produced by Landon Balk, released in the Fall of 2010. The Cosmo uses a similar axle system to that of the older Dif-e-Yo yo-yos, such as the Bare Bones. At every retailer where it is sold, the Cosmo is available in polished or beadblasted clear acrylic, but Balk had also sold colored versions that are made from acrylic pen blanks. In addition to these options, the Cosmo is also sold in a Delrin version named the Savannah. It uses silicone response pads, along with a large C-bearing, so that the yo-yo could perform as good as it looks.


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