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Grind King
Manufacturer 3yo3
Release date 2011
Shape H-Shape
Color White
Weight 68.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 49.3mm
Width: 39.44mm
Material Teflon
Bearing size Size C
Response system General Yo Hat Pads (thin)

The Grind King is a yo-yo manufactured by 3yo3 and released somewhere in 2011.


This yo-yo features an angular, H-shaped profile. Undersized at around 49mm in diameter, but reasonably wide and at 68.5 grams in weight, it is dense for its size. It also features thin Hat Pad response and a large C-bearing.

However, its most distinctive design feature lies in the material used in the construction of its body; Teflon. A near-friction-less plastic commonly used in the sleeves of transaxle yo-yos such as the Yomega Fireball, the Grind King may as very well be the first-ever yo-yo to be made of teflon. Because of its ultra low-friction quality, the yo-yo is undoubtedly effective for grinds.