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For the contest of the same name, go here: 44CLASH (contest)

The 44CLASH is a bi-metal yo-yo released in November 2018 for the 44CLASH yo-yo contest of the same name.

It is a collaborative effort, with Mowl as the main production crew, Hibari doing the amazing laser-etched artwork, the packaging handled by the AA YOYOCLUB, and Yo-Yo Studio Llama having put together the yo-yo's specs and settings.

Countless prototypes were run through during the production process, and many of them come through the hands of Rewind's staff members as they helped in testing them out. Several iterations of the 44CLASH yo-yo were tested. The finalized version of the yo-yo was based on a popular prototype that was considered the most powerful option.

They squeezed out every last bit of production time, and full production did not begin until the last few minutes before the start of the 2018 44CLASH contest. There were concerns that the window of opportunity would be missed, but the team pulled together and brought the 44CLASH to its namesake event just in time.

The 44CLASH yo-yo uses a stepped H-profile, leading to a great balanced playfeel that is both steady and powerful. The steps are designed to give a great fit to the user's hands, making for a smooth and comfortable catch feeling. Being a bi-metal yo-yo, the 44CLASH is comprised of an aluminum body with stainless steel rims. It also uses a concave C-bearing and silicone pads in the popular 19mm OD/Large Slim size.