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Aerobie Aerospin Front
Manufacturer Aerobie
Release date 1999
Shape Butterfly
Color Blue
Weight 52.7g
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: 35mm
Material Plastic with rubber rims
Bearing size Nonstandard
Response system Starburst

The AeroSpin is a yo-yo produced by the Aerobie toy company, which also makes golf discs, flying rings, and the Orbiter boomerang. The AeroSpin featured soft rubber rims, an adjustable string gap and a unique starburst pattern, along with a ball bearing axle for long spins.

The yo-yo was first introduced in prototype form at the 1999 Bay Area Classic, receiving positive feedback and constructive criticism, that latter of which unfortunately, was seemingly ignored when the production model was released. The AeroSpin's plastic was brittle and easily cracked when the body halves are overtightened, and the playing feeling is inconsistent from one yo-yo to the next.

Because of those design flaws, the AeroSpin became known as one of the worst yo-yos produced during the 1990s yo-yo boom, along with the likes of the Revolution Rev-G. It is still in production to this day.


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