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Manufacturer Eric Wolff
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color White
Weight 62 g
Dimensions 55mm diameter, 43mm thickness
Material Plastic (delrin)
Bearing size Bearing C
Response system Flush mounted silicone pads

The Silk is the first yo-yo made by Eric Wolff and his partnership at Alchemy yo-yos. The Silk was released in 2006 and is machined out of a block of solid delrin, which is self-lubricating and a very smooth plastic, by using a CNC lathe. This also means it avoids the variations of plastic density that injection molding can produce.Since the Silk is made of Delrin reportedly this improves grinds. It is a wide, butterfly shape yo-yo, featuring a rim lip for inner ring grinds, something rarely seen on plastic yo-yos.

  • The prototype run (with a count of 50 yoyos) was sold at World Yo-Yo Contest 2006.
  • A "Silk Dying Contest" (known as The First Great Silk Dying contest) was held in 4Q2006 by Yoyoguy when the yoyo is released.


Player Review[]

  • Some players treat the Silk as a "Delrin Pyro"
  • There was a case reported that the Silk has vibration problem. which could be solved by applying teflon tape around the axle.

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