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Alex Garcia

Alias Warp Speed
Resides Honolulu, Hawaii
Affiliation Team High Performance (Team Captain, former)
YoYoFactory (current)
Fist Salud
YoYoStyle 2A
Playing Since 1995
Known for High-speed looping
Famous in Japan during the 1990s yo-yo boom
Fictional persona in Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo

Alex Garcia, A.K.A. "Warp Speed", is a Hawaiian yo-yo player who was legendary for his two-handed freestyles and using short string for his high-speed looping techniques, from which he gets his nickname from. His signature yo-yo trick was the Criss-Cross Around the World. He was a three-time Hawaii State Yo-Yo Champion, as well as a two-time U.S. National Champion in the 1990s.

He was the Team Captain of Team High Performance during the yo-yo boom of the 1990s.

In 1996, Garcia, along with other talented players such as Dale Myrberg (who would become the World Yo-Yo Champion that year), traveled to Japan to hold yo-yo demonstrations and promotions there, those which helped bring about the Japanese Hyper Yo-Yo boom. Garcia had also become very famous in Japan, to the point of even having his own theme song "Warp Speed", which was produced as a Mini CD single recorded by Forty Four Hyper that had hit the charts in Japan.

He also had the honor of having a quarter flicked off of his ear by Dale Myrberg at one of THP's meetings in 1997.

Garcia was also a major figure in the promotion of the Hyper Yo-Yo line in Japan, having appeared in some of the TV commercials, as well as performing at the Hyper Yo-Yo Japan Championship in 1998 and 1999. He also had a fictionalized persona in the anime and manga series Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo.

As of current, he is affiliated with YoYoFactory, and runs a yo-yo club based in Hawaii called YoYoFactory 808. In 2012, he had also performed as part of a special guest appearance (alongside Nakamura-Meijin, another former member of THP) at the Japan National Yo-Yo Contest. He is also a member of the yo-yo team Fist Salud.

Signature Yo-yo[]

Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo[]

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  • 1995 Hawaii State Yo-Yo Contest - 1st Place



  • 1997 Hawaii State Yo-Yo Contest - Pro-Am Division - 1st Place
  • 1997 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest - 2A Division - 3rd Place
  • 1997 World Yo-Yo Contest - 2A Division - 2nd Place



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  • "Warp Speed" - Forty Four Hyper - July 21st 1997


  • Hyper Yo-Yo Official Video: Freestyle 1A Master - June 21st 1998
  • Hyper Yo-Yo Official Video: Freestyle 2A Master - August 5th 1998
  • Konsetsu Polite! Hyper Yo-Yo Technique Video
  • Hyper Yo-Yo Pro Spinners Program

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