Alex Kim is a yo-yo manufacturer responsible for operating the companies B.I.O. Industries, Recreational Revolution (RecRev) and T'Chotchkie, all of which produced machined aluminum yo-yos at budget prices. He also owns a company called Aethertech, which produces e-cigarettes.

Alex once competed in many yo-yo contests around California, but is no longer active in the yo-yo community. B.I.O. Industries stopped producing yo-yos after their third release and Alex started selling yo-yos under the RecRev brand name, which was re-titled as "T'Chotchkie" in 2014.


Alex Kim is also notorious for being impossible to communicate with, both professionally and in personal exchanges. In other words; unreasonable. Over the years, he had fostered a negative reputation of trading poorly on yo-yo forums. In addition to bad trading, he does not pay his bills (especially when he failed to pay for the sponsorship package for Vegan Cupcake Parlor at the 2015 Bay Area Classic). At one point, the manufacturer of his yo-yos was pursuing legal action against him to recover the many thousands of dollars he has owed since mid-2012.




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