Alox Manufacturing Company was started in 1919, in St. Louis, Missouri, and originally didn't make yo-yos, rather they were known as a manufacturer of shoelaces. As corsets and top laced shoes lost market share, they branced out in other areas including kites, marbles and jump ropes. In the 1930's, at the height of the North American yo-yo craze, Alox entered the arena of yo-yo manufacturing.

The company didn't have their own wooden lathes and brought yo-yo halves from other manufacturers. These halves were then painted and assembled in their factory. In addition to their mainstay imperial models, they also released a jeweled model and experimented with an unreleased butterfly model. Originally the models were sold at 10 cents for a pegged model and 15 cents for a one-piece free-spinning model.

Alox never ran contest or promotions, rather the line was sold unpromoted. However, Alox were influenced by the Duncan campaigns, and sold large amount of yo-yos during these campaigns via tobacco and paper companies.

Yo-Yos Produced


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