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The American Yo-Yo Association or AYYA is a membership organization that promotes all forms of yo-yo activity in the USA. It sanctions contests, sponsors a web site and Yo-Yo Hall of Fame, and publishes a printable online newsletter. Anyone can become a member of the AYYA. The mission statement of the AYYA is as follows:

The mission of the AYYA is to promote yo-yo play, by providing a standardized list of tricks, rules, and judging qualifications for competitions. To provide a source of information about yo-yo players, professionals, and events around the United States. To offer assistance to yo-yo players, collectors, enthusiasts, and those who wish to produce yo-yo events.

The AYYA has a board of directors that is elected by the membership and which meets annually just prior to the American Nationals Yo-Yo Contest in Chico, California.

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