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Often abbreviated to QS.

QS1 & QS2[]

The AnY QuickSilver was the firstst yo-yo released by AnY and was only available directly from the manufacturer or through non-US retailers. This restriction was due to the o-pad technology, a variation of the YoYoJam patented o-ring response technology. The QS1 was released in very limited numbers and quickly replaced by the QS2, both available at Spingear or directly from the manufacturer.

The QS1 has a shape similar to the YoYoJam Night Moves (images available here). Additionally, when viewed from the side, the QS1 resembled Dif-e-yo yo-yos by using rings in the sides and an o-ring in each side for weight. The QS1 also featured a clear coating over the aluminium outside.


For a brief period, AnY entertained the idea of releasing another yo-yo in the QS line. Although pictures were posted on web boards, AnY ultimately decided to close the QS line. They stopped development on the QS3.