YoYo Wiki

Ultimate 3X
Manufacturer AnY
Release date June 2009
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65.95/66.09 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 50.82mm/55.04mm
Width: 38.7mm/43.46mm
Material Aluminum with interchangeable rims
Bearing size Size C
Response system AnY Silicone O-Pads

The Ultimate 3X is a high-end metal yo-yo produced by AnY. This yo-yo features a finish combining both blasting and anodization for great efficiency in grind tricks, along with aluminum hubstacks for changing the yo-yo's plane of axis or ripcording it into a spin, and an interchangeable rim system.

The 3X comes with two sets of aluminum rims (one set of small rims and one set of large rims) that can be screwed onto and/or off of the main body. The feeling of play on the yo-yo itself depends upon the rims that are equipped to it. It also features the usual AnY Pad and C-bearing set-up.