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André Boulay
Andre Boulay.gif

Alias N/A
Resides Amherst, MA
Affiliation YoYoJam
YoYoStyle 1A
Playing Since 1999
Known for Popularizing the Inner Ring Grind

André Boulay was the team captain of Team YoYoJam and runs the online resource/community/store YoYoExpert as well as MasterMagic. He is also a U.S. National Master. His signature yo-yos include the YoYoJam Dark Magic series, the Legacy series, the Trinity, and the H3X. Boulay has also judged at many competitions, including the World Yo-Yo Contest. He is married to Devon Frederick, also a former member of Team YoYoJam.

André is also known for popularizing the Inner Ring Grind in his Dark Magic video.

He was responsible for organizing and running the US Massachusetts State Contest from 2005 to 2008. He got his start watching his brothers at the a-two-z science and learning store using the yo-yo. He thought it was silly, but immediately when he got home he took his brother's yo-yo. It took him a while to get his first sleeper, and he started to think yo-yoing is awesome. He had also learned many tricks from walk the dog to buddha's revenge on expert village.

Signature Yo-yos



  • US Nationals - 1A Division - 5th Place
  • Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Contest - 1A Division - 1st Place
  • World Yo-Yo Contest - Spin Top Division - 2nd Place


  • US Nationals - 1A Division - 10th Place
  • North East Regionals - 1A Division - 1st Place



  • National Yo-Yo Master
  • Atlas Award
  • Awarded Best

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