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YoYoFactory Presents Anthony Rojas 2nd Place 1A 2011 USA National YoYo Contest

Anthony Rojas is a former member of Team RecRev, and currently a member of Team CLYW. Anthony is a highly revered competitor in 1A. Known for his innovative thinking and advanced arm/body tricks, Anthony is a crowd favorite at any given competition. 

Anthony began as an Astrojax player before assimilating himself into the Sunshine Kite Company Yo-Yo club with Yoshi Mikamoto, Grant Johnson, Patrick Borgerding, Dylan Benharris and Alex Kim. He quickly ascended to the top of the yo-yo world soon thereafter.

In addition to yo-yoing, Anthony creates art and music.


  • 1st - 44CLASH (1A)
  • 2nd - U.S. Nationals (1A)
  • 1st - California States 2014 (1A)