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Anti-Yo is a yo-yo manufacturer that specializes in high-end aluminum yo-yos and is run by Kiya Babzani and Sonny Patrick. With their first product, the Fluchs, released in December 2004, the company drew a great deal of attention.

The company has made a name for itself in customer service, with Kiya having flown to the UK to meet unhappy customers to see what is wrong with their yo-yos.

Anti-Yo is based in San Francisco, California, with most business meetings taking place at a bar called Zeitgeist. Anti-Yo was considered "dead" by many due to the lack of updates from the company and most of the team members leaving, however the company made a marvelous return in 2011. The yo-yo halves are now manufactured at One Drop's machine shop, and employ the Side Effects axle system. 

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