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The BSP is a yo-yo that was released by Anti-Yo in 2008. It featured the silicone IPad response system created by Ryosuke Iwasawa. Both halves of the yo-yo are made from titanium, with one half coated with zirconium nitrate and the other left raw for a two-toned color scheme. These expensive raw materials gave the yo-yo a pretty high retail price of around $350 USD, not too far a cry from the Duncan Freehand Mg's $400 to $450 price tag. Also, the titanium body will produce sparks if the user walks the dog on pavement with it, as with generally any titanium yo-yo.

The BSP also came with a carrying pouch made from raw Japanese selvedge denim, handmade by none other than Doctor Popular himself.

Another unusual feature of the BSP was its two-piece axle, consisting of two concentric cylinders which screw into each other, so that the included KonKave bearing sits on a smooth surface, making it similar in functionality to One Drop's Side Effects system. Only 75 BSP's were ever produced. 


  • The only other Anti-Yo yo-yo to feature the BSP's two-piece axle system is the Executive.
  • The Zip Zinger is also an Anti-Yo yo-yo that is made of titanium, but unlike the BSP, it had never seen retail release due to high production costs. But, what they do have in common is that they were produced at the exact same machining shop.
  • The BSP's initials stand for something quite...inappropriate.