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Manufacturer Anti-Yo
Release date December 11th, 2004
Shape Butterfly
Color Pink/Black
Weight 70 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55mm
Width: 38mm
Material Aluminium
Bearing size Fluchs: Size C
Fluchs 2: Size C KonKave
Response system Fluchs: .555 Dif Pads
Fluchs 2: Buzz-On SPR

The Fluchs (pronounced 'Flux') was the first yo-yo produced by Anti-Yo, limited to 225 pieces. The plan was to release the yo-yo for 3 months to be sold to the public, and then to buy back the leftover units. The Fluchs had contrasting black and pink halves in a special coating, the Slip Matte finish, which reduces friction during palm grinds. The bearing seat is also designed in a way so that the user can install a KonKave bearing without any need for shims.

Ironically, the finish, which was one of the yo-yo's biggest selling points, was also a cause for its partial failure. Since the coating covered absolutely every part of the yo-yo, the designers had to take that into account when choosing an axle diameter. The original axle was slightly too small, as well as short, causing wobbling issues. A simple mod to fix this is a single layer of scotch tape over the whole length of the axle. This allows it to fit snugly into the threading half of the yo-yo, reducing the vibrations.

There was going to be a Fluchs 2, which featured a large-bearing SPR set-up from Buzz-On Industries and a Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing. An agreement between Anti-Yo and Buzz-On could not be reached, so it did not reach the production phase. Only one prototype Fluchs 2 yo-yo was ever made.


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