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Manufacturer Anti-Yo
Release date October 28th, 2006
Shape Butterfly
Color Gold
Weight 69 grams
Dimensions Width: 38mm
Diameter: 52mm
Material Aluminum with 24 karat gold plating
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system .555 Thin Dif Pads

The Gouda by Anti-Yo is a gold-plated version of the Bapezilla that was exclusive to the Yoyonation online store. Only ten of these beautiful yo-yos were ever produced.

It was released at 3:00 AM (EST) on October 28th, 2006, Columbus Day, to a flurry of urgent yo-yoers trying to order it to the point that it crashed the Yoyonation servers. When the dust settled, ten lucky players had paid $315 USD for this highly collectible and much coveted throw.

Each Gouda came in a drawstring bag, also including a polishing cloth, and Dif Pad response and a KonKave C-bearing from Dif-e-Yo.


  • The Gouda is named after a Dutch yellow cheese made of cow milk named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands.


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