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The Kuntosh (also stylized as Küntosh) is a yo-yo that was planned for release sometime in the 2010s by Anti-Yo, but this had never come to pass. Only 10 pre-sale prototypes were made, two of which being lost, so the other eight units still remained. It is said to be Sonny Patrick's crowning achievement for Anti-Yo.

With an angular Step Straight profile with flattened outer rims, it is a major departure from the older organic-shaped offerings from Anti-Yo. Its weight is distributed in a strategic way to make the yo-yo feel light in the hand, play very fast and floatily, and respond well to the user's commands.

The original Anti-Yo version of the Kuntosh also features a Slip Matte Type III Hard Coat finish for optimal grinds. Because the yo-yo is manufactured at One Drop's machining shop in Eugene, Oregon, like the earlier Ywet series, Viszilla and Bapezilla.2, it uses the Side Effect axle hub system.

Kuntosh (2016)[]

The new version of the Kuntosh has some changes from the original Anti-Yo prototype. The shape is the same, but it now implements a Pyramatte finish, along with an aluminum Flat Cap Side Effect and the 10-ball steel C-bearing with Flow Groove response from One Drop. Of course, it could also use other forms of Side Effect parts for customizability. 

The motif of the Lamborghini Countach that the yo-yo possesses is apparent, as each side features a laser engraving of a partial image of the Countach car. The idea behind it, is that when the user buys three Kuntosh yo-yos, he/she can assemble a complete image of the Countach.

The yo-yo's standard colorways are two-toned, along with splash-anodized versions and nickel-plated variations.


  • The Kuntosh is named in reference to the Lamborghini Countach, an Italian sports car which was named in reference to an exclamatory phrase "countach!", which means perbaccco or accidenti (Italian for "Heavens!") in Piedmontese, a local dialect of the Italian language.
    • As a matter of fact, the Kuntosh was inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, especially with the angular aspects of its design.
    • The yo-yo's name is also the French pronunciation and spelling of the Countach's name.


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