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The YWET is a yo-yo from Anti-Yo. Two versions exist, one produced by One Drop for Anti-Yo using Side Effects (released on November 9th, 2011), the other with traditional axle hubs (machined in 2008, released in small batches by friends of Anti-Yo from 2016 on).


The prototype version of the YWET was first showcased in 2008, at which fans began to call for the final product. Immediately afterwards, Anti-Yo disappeared from the radar for around three years, until they released the completed and finalized YWET in 2011. It is machined by One Drop at their machining shop in Eugene, Oregon.

The yo-yo has an everyday organic Butterfly shape like the previous releases, but its most distinctive feature is its novel "Quad-Fist" response system. The Quad-Fist consists of a set of two concentric recesses on each side, in which O-rings can be inserted. The included O-rings can be inserted into the recesses however the user would like it, making for an adjustable response system. It is also compatible with 19mm Large Slim-sized response pads.

The YWET is also the first Anti-Yo yo-yo to feature One Drop's Side Effect axle hub system, coming stock with a Side Effect modeled after the axle hubs seen on previous models, such as the legendary Bapezilla. Of course, other shapes of Side Effects can also be used on the YWET to change its feeling of play and visual impact. The yo-yo also has a nickel-coated Slip Matte Ni finish for low-friction, high-grinding performance. To top it off, the YWET also features a concave Grooved Bearing 2 from Born Crucial for minimizing sleep loss and advanced string play.

The YWET also comes with a high quality denim pouch made in collaboration between Anti-Yo and Holy Stitch, along with the Paranoids music CD No False Alarm. There were 300 Biker Blue/A$AP Orange Side Effect YWETs produced.


The DRI-YWET is a variant of the YWET. While it has some of the same features as the original, its new finish is what made it different. It has the Slip Matte finish, but there's more added to it than that. It was also copper-coated, not once, but twice. This makes the yo-yo three grams heavier, in addition to providing some visual impact. Over time, the double copper coating would oxidize to give the DRI-YWET a unique vintage-like look that could not be attained from splash anodizing or even acid washing. The Side Effects are also anodized in blood red and engraved with the Anti-Heart. It also comes included with the Holy Stitch x Anti-Yo collaborative denim pouch.

Ten yo-yos were first released at the 2011 U.S. Nationals, and were sold out in two minutes.

On February 9th, 2012, 100 additional DRI-YWET were given a limited retail release.


The last variant of the YWET, it was released on June 28th, 2012 as a YoYoNation-exclusive product. Only 25 of these yo-yos were ever manufactured.

The SLCK-YWET featured a brilliant, high-gloss, nickel-plated finish in black. Other than that, it also features Quad-Fist response with Flow Groove pads, along with the Grooved Bearing 2, Side Effects, and the Holy Stitch x Anti-Yo denim pouch.

2008 YWET[]

The original prototype version of the YWET from 2008 had axle hubs machined into the body halves. A batch was machined by Anti-Yo with a flaw (too deep of a bearing seat, necessitating shims) that resulted in the batch being shelved with no intention of release.[1] At some later point in time, these YWETs were distributed to various friends of Sonny: Tyler Severance is believed to have received the majority, AaronW received 12, and Static received an unknown quantity.

Recess Danny Severance YWET (powdercoat)[]

On April 1st, 2016 Recess released a quantity of YWETs powdercoated by Wesley Cheng (yoyospirit) to look like Danny Severance's favorite Freehand Zero, purple body with white caps (cups). Shims were glued in and hand-tested. They sold for $70 each with the sales funding a suicide prevention charity.[2]

Recess Danny Severance YWET (anodized)[]

On November 9th, 2018, Recess released an additional 20 YWETs anodized by Gruntbull to look like Danny Severance's Freehand Zero. Similar to the powdercoated YWET, shims were hand glued in. They sold for $110 each, with a portion of the proceeds going towards the same suicide prevention charity.[3]

Recess Paul Escolar YWET[]

On July 3rd, 2019, Recess released a quantity of YWETs featuring the artwork of Paul Escolar in his signature color scheme, teal and blue. They retailed for $150 and came with a print signed by Paul Escolar.[4]

Static Optimally Geared YWET[]

In November 2019, Static Co. released the YWETs they received from Sonny in three different variants: black nickel plated, copper plated, and Gruntbull anodized ("Mega Shock", half haggard gold, and half rainy sky blue). The name "Optimally Geared" comes from the parts the yo-yo shipped with: a pair of .015" spacers installed (making the gap around 4mm), a pair of .02" spacers as they were determined to also provide a solid experience, and a YoYoRecreation Dual Straight bearing.

Recess Hardcoat YWET[]

Midway through April 2020, Recess released a quantity of YWETs that had been hardcoat anodized by Wesley Cheng.[5] The hardcoating is an homage to the the original prototype YWET, which was hardcoated as all other prototype Anti-Yos were.

Recess Nickel Plated YWET[]

Recess has also released a nickel plated YWET.


  • The prototype version of the YWET from 2008 had axle hubs machined into the body halves, in contrast to the finalized production model having Side Effects.
  • A prototype side-effect YWET with a 4mm gap was also produced[6]
  • YWET is an acronym that stands for "Yo-yos Will Eat Themselves", inspired by the 80s Brit pop band Pop Will Eat Itself[7][8]





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