Arron Sparks (posts as 'AZA') is originally from Southampton (UK), he currently resides in London where he undertook a circus degree at the Circus Spacecircus school. He is now a full time Yo-Yo Pro, juggler and performer. He is also proficient in most styles of yo-yo play, but his speciality is combining yo-yo technique with juggling and other manipulation skills. To this end, he competed in the AP Division at Worlds in both 2004 and 2005.

Arron founded the BYYA at 15 years old, the youngest person ever to run and organized a Yo-Yo Association. In that capacity he has been responsible for organizing most of the UK-based competitions held over the past few years. He has been head judge at SRC, NRC and UK Nationals.

Arron has also been featured on UK TV several times. In addition he has also performed in Las Vegas as well as on the prestigious French TV show 'Le Plus Grand Cabarete De Monde'. Arron represented the UK at the 2008 European Youth Circus Festival, where he picked up a special prize from the jury for his Yo-Yo and juggling act.


  • Holds three Guinness World Records in Yo-Yo.
  • Co-creator of 'bouncing soloham'. Moves which involve two people bouncing offstring yo-yos to each other.
  • Produced a second Yo-Yo DVD, Original Spin . An instructional how to Yo-Yo DVD which covers many different tricks as well as some Yo-Yo related cartoons.
  • Produced a Yo-Yo App for iOS devices, sold on the Apple App store.

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