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Auldey Toys is a yo-yo manufacturer that is based in China. Auldey Toys is currently promoting their line of yo-yos through a television program called Blazing Teens, which is a teen-based soap opera that revolves around yo-yo players and competitions. Auldey Toys has completed large scale promotions in China, using the TV series to gain public interest, and seems to be using this same strategy to promote their line of Blazing Teens-branded yo-yos in other markets, such as Malaysia.

Despite their widespread success in the Asian market, early Auldey designs were frowned upon by yo-yoers, citing many of the yo-yos as counterfiet designs in the same vein as AODA.  

Yo-yos Produced

Blazing Teens I

Blazing Teens II

  • Aulde
  • Auldey Free Fire
  • Fire Thunder S
  • Fire Thunder V
  • Wind Breaker (gold)
  • Wind Breaker (silver)
  • Polar Racer
  • Phantom Wheel S
  • Magic Wheel S
  • Maze Wheel
  • Thunder Bolt
  • Magic Shadow
  • Dead Wind
  • Shooting Star
  • Wind Surfer
  • Fire Wing (red)
  • Fire Diamond
  • Dancing Butterfly
  • Illusion
  • Fire Wing (black)

Blazing Teens III

  • Thunder
  • Outlander
  • Super Jacky's Version A
  • Super Liam's Version A
  • Super Jacky's Version C
  • Super Liam's Version C
  • Super Lighting Version
  • Nemesis
  • Thunder A
  • Thunder B
  • BiPolar (Pink, Green, Blue; Interchangeable rims)
  • Sonic Storm
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Falcon
  • Mirage
  • Centaurus (?, white/blue diecast)
  • Thunder S
  • Neptune
  • Lone Wolf
  • Avalanche
  • Photon (Spirit)
  • Luminous (?)
  • Ice Spirit
  • mini yoyo

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