The B.I.O. Ego is an all metal yo-yo produced by B.I.O.. The Ego was designed by Seth Peterson. It features a rounded shaped with an anodized surface. The goal was to combine Seth's desire for simplistic curves and lines with bright vibrant, streetwear inspired colorways. The yo-yo was also notable for being packaged for sale in chinese food containers.

Originally set to be released in November 2006, it was pushed back to January 2007 due to manufacturing difficulties with the chucking of the yo-yo. This resulted in unforeseen "flat spots" in the edge of the rim.

Later a remachined, lighter version was sold on a small scale. It was called the bRigade. It was remachined to be lighter, and all new colors. It was put out in a darker Black and Copper color, and also a Pink and Purple color.