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Manufacturer B.W.W.
Release date 2014
Shape Step Round
Color White
Weight 91.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 80mm
Width: 72.83mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system B.W.W. 19.6mm Pads

The Bulk is a yo-yo released in 2014 by B.W.W.


Like the previous Wwing, the Bulk is a delrin offstring yo-yo manufactured to high standards for competition use.

However, it also has a particularly wide (at almost 73mm), H-shaped Step Round profile that makes it much easier for the user to hit whips and orbits. The yo-yo is weighted to its physical size, but it is not too big as to tire the user out. It also comes included with thin O-rings and spacers, that allow for an adjustable string gap when installed on the yo-yo. The default configuration of the Bulk has proven best for open whips and regenerations with a smooth feeling when the yo-yo lands on the string and returns to the user's hand. The Bulk comes equipped with a large C-bearing and 19.6mm-sized silicone response pads.

It was at the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague, Czech Repuiblic, that Tsubasa Onishi himself had used the prototype model of the Bulk for his performance in the 4A Division. He had also used the Bulk at the finals of the 2015 North Japan Yo-Yo Contest in the 4A Division.


  • The Bulk is the second-widest offstring yo-yo by far, the first being the 2015 YOYO.Y Ghost Orbit, which has a width of 86.51mm




C3yoyodesign present WYYC 2014 4A Final - Tsubasa Onishi

Tsubasa Onishi @ 2014 Worlds using the Bulk prototype. Video by the C3yoyodesign YouTube Channel


2015NJ Final 4A 01 Tsubasa Onishi

Tsubasa Onishi @ 2015 North Japan Yo-Yo Contest using the Bulk. Video by yoyovideoarchive