YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer B.W.W.
Release date 2012
Shape Step Round
Color White
Weight 74.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 79.87mm
Width: 55.34mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system B.W.W. 19.6mm Pads

The Wwing is the first yo-yo produced by B.W.W. It was released in 2012.


The Wwing is a delrin offstring yo-yo and the brainchild of 2004/2010 World 4A Champion Tsubasa Onishi, and is developed with years of his offstring expertise applied to its design. The yo-yo uses O-rings for an adjustable string gap system that also acts to regulate its responsiveness for certain types of offstring tricks. The user can make the Wwing more responsive for tricks such as the Open Wing, or say he or she loosens up the yo-yo's responsiveness for tricks such as the Engine and Boingy Boingy.

The Wwing's low-edged Step Round body profile features a smooth, machined finish for great grinds, and the inner grooves can also be used for finger grinds. The yo-yo's profile also allows the user to pull off horizontal tricks more easily, something that is clearly the hand of Onishi, who himself is skilled in horizontal offstring play.

Also sold separately is the Wwing Weight Ring set, which includes multiple rubber O-rings that can be used to adjust the yo-yo's overall weight and weight distribution, taking the Wwing's adjustability to another level.