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Manufacturer What's Next
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Shape Imperial
Color Natural wood
Weight 53g
Dimensions 57mm diameter, 35mm width
Material Maple
Bearing size Fixed, wooden axle
Response system None

What's Next was founded in 1995 by owner and president Brad Countryman and employed as many as 100 people in the rural town of Arcade, NY. The history of the company really dated back to well before 1995. As a manufacturer of custom furniture in the late '70s and a true woodworking aficionado, Brad could not just dispose of his left over wood. So, in 1980, the decision was to craft toys and yo-yos at his Country Wood Shop. In 1982, the small shop's three workers turned out 10,000 yo-yos that caught the eye of companies such as L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Land's End, which began to market custom made versions of Countryman's yo-yos the following year. By the late 1980's, Countryman's company, now called Hummingbird Toy Co. Ltd., was known worldwide for their ability to make all kinds of high quality wooden toys.

In 1989, the company suffered a severe flood and to refinance the company in 1991, Countryman sold 70% of his share in Hummingbird. In '92 Hummingbird almost completely abandoned yo-yos to produce the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railroad sets for Learning Curve Toy Company. Production demands drove that business to China by early '95. Hummingbird closed it's doors by mid-year.

Due to popular demand, Brad decided to return to manufacturing yo-yos, and thus, What's Next was born. In 1995, Countryman developed the complete line of BC yo-yos. In 1999, the company's traditional yo-yos sold like hotcakes at a time when the so called "easier-to-use" models were driving the toy's resurgence.