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Bandai is a Japanese toy manufacturer that had first launched their Hyper Yo-Yo range in 1997, in time for the worldwide yo-yo boom. The company didn't develop their own yo-yos initially (though they did develop the Hyper Dragon and Hyper Dragoon yo-yos), but rather licensed products from other manufacturers such as Yomega, Duncan and Russell. Bandai was very active in the community, sponsoring teams such as Team High Performance Japan and Team Hyper Viper. Also produced during the 1990s was a side-series, Hyper Diabolo, which focused on diabolos.

Hyper Yo-Yo products were sold in a number of countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, France, Taiwan and Spain. For each of these countries, a different line was produced (i.e. the yo-yos sold were not the same in all countries).

Starting in 2010, Bandai revived the Hyper Yo-Yo line for the second time, again distributing Duncan and Yomega yo-yos, this time also featuring YoYoFactory products, along with the introduction of the customizable HyperCluster series and the motorized Hyper Infinity yo-yo.

In 2018, Bandai gave their previously Japan-only HyperCluster line an international release, especially in Western nations.


Hyper Yo-Yo

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Hyper Diabolo

  • DiaSpin
  • DiaWave
  • DiaBig


  • Bandai is also well known for the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet toys, as well as the Digimon franchise and model kits based on the Gundam franchise.

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