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Hyper Dragon Aqua
Manufacturer Bandai
Release date June 1999
Shape Wing
Color Black
Weight 42 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 59mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Nylon bearing
Response system Starburst

The Hyper Dragon Aqua (Japanese: ハイパードラゴンアクア) is a yo-yo in Bandai's customizable Hyper Dragon series, released in June of 1999 in Japan.


Hyper Dragon Aqua is a variant of the Hyper Dragon designed specifically for string tricks, with its wing-shaped String Play Type Body, which also features a starburst response system. Like any other Hyper Dragon yo-yo, it can be taken apart with the Dragon Tool for customization purposes. The design on the solid plastic Frame Caps are reminiscent of the Yomega Stealth Raider's side caps, but with tidal waves instead of the spiraling lightning bolts, reflecting the name.

Out of the packaging, it comes with the standard Nylon Bearing, but when the user purchases an HD-03 Hyper Dragon Metal Bearing Set and uses the parts in place of the former, it can spin much longer and faster. To further improve the yo-yo's sleep time, one can even apply a set of Rearrange Weights or Heavy Weights to the Body parts.


  • In the final few episodes of the Supersonic Spinners/Super Yo-Yo anime adaptation, this yo-yo was used by the character, Seito Hojoin, who is the rival of protagonist Shunichi Domoto.
    • Hojoin himself is also depicted on the packaging, as a matter of fact.


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