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The Hyper Dragoon Pro (Japanese: ハイパードラグーンプロ) is a yo-yo released by Bandai in the Hyper Yo-Yo line-up in April of 2000.


The Hyper Dragoon Pro, along with its counterpart, the Hyper Dragoon Standard, were the final two releases in the original Hyper Yo-Yo line-up.

While the Standard was designed to be a beginner-friendly yo-yo, the Hyper Dragoon Pro was designed to be a simplified version of the Hyper Dragon meant to be taken apart and customized more easily without the need for the Dragon Tool.

It is compatible with the Rearrange/Heavy Weight and Metal Bearing parts used by the Hyper Dragon. In its normal configuration, it features a transaxle sleeve complimented by a pair of metal spacers. 


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