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The Jackknife is a yo-yo co-produced by YoYoFactory and CLYW as a product of the Basecamp collaboration. It was first introduced at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest alongside the Expedition and Moonshine models before being given a wider retail release on August 17th, 2016.


The Jackknife's design influences come from CLYW, but with its execution being undertaken by YoYoFactory. Based on CLYW's recent work and weighing in at 64 grams, the Jackknife is a speedy and floaty throw in a time where heavier yo-yos are gaining popularity, making it a breath of fresh air, especially with a great weight distribution.

Sweetening the deal further is a development of YoYoFactory's "fingerspin cup" design, with an innovative undercut that contributes to the yo-yo's weight distribution and making top-on play easier and more fun for the user. All three yo-yos in Basecamp's first release line-up are free of any logos or etchings, making for the smoothest possible surface to practice with.


  • A jackknife is a knife with a folding blade.