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The Moonshine (sometimes spelled as Moon Shine) is a yo-yo co-produced YoYoFactory and CLYW as a product of the Basecamp collaboration. It was first introduced at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest along with the Jackknife and Expedition models, with a retail release on August 17th, 2016.

It could only be purchased in a three yo-yo set with the Jackknife and Expedition.


Compared to the other two yo-yos in the Basecamp line-up, the Moonshine was not designed with competitive play in mind. Instead, it is a tug-response modern day classic model, featuring a slimline butterfly profile.

While it has the nostalgia of the pre-bind-response era, the yo-yo still carries the heft of precision full-metal design. Especially for players that are new to yo-yo, this provides an interesting step up before one goes to full bind-response, giving them a chance to feel the difference that metal can make.

In its default configuration, it uses a narrow C-bearing with an 8mm axle, but when desired, the user can prep it for bind-response play, by switching in the included full-size C-bearing and M4x10mm axle.

The yo-yo also features CLYW's silicone Snow Tire response pad system.



  • The Moonshine's profile is similar to that of the old ProYo Isotope series yo-yos.
  • Moonshine refers to high-proof distilled spirits that are often but not always produced illicitly.

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