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The Sherpa is a yo-yo co-produced by YoYoFactory and CLYW as a product of the Basecamp collaboration. It was first released in November 2016.


Designed to be and coined as the "ultimate evolution in responsive yo-yo play", the Sherpa is meant to be a companion for those traveling kinds of yo-yoers. With a slimline Butterfly profile, similar to the earlier Moonshine model, the Sherpa can be easily stored in pockets or packs. Similar in construction to the SPYY Pure, it is a hollow yo-yo with permanently-affixed metal side caps for a comfortable feeling that very few yo-yos have ever achieved. To keep things modern, the caps have dimples to allow for easy finger spinning.

By default, it has an 8mm axle with a narrow C-bearing, but when the user is ready for the much more advanced stuff, they can switch in the included 10mm axle and Center Trac bearing. Along with that, there is a laser-engraved topographical chart of Mt. Kilimanjaro on one side of the yo-yo.


  • The Sherpa is named in reference to any member of the Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet renowned for their mountaineering skills.