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Love Dog
Manufacturer Beer Factory
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Grey, Black
Weight 60g
Dimensions 52mm diameter, 42mm width
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Hspin
Response system Silicone O-ring

Love Dog is the very first yo-yo produced from Beer Factory, designed by Roland Yu. The shape of this yo-yo might remind people the Duncan Freehand Zero since they are pretty similar. Yes, the Love Dog design was based on the FHZ, just with different response system, bearing seat, and dimensions. The groove around the bearing seat allows you to put liquid silicone in it, so that players can customize the response system. The bearing seat is YoYoJam-like that is slightly recessed, no shims are needed to widen the gap since it is wide enough in stock. Within the good match of dimensions, this yo-yo will definitely be a good player.

The reason that this yo-yo named "Love Dog" is because the final product will come with a heart shape dog patch, which also means a yo-yo can be a friend to a human just like a dog. In addition, a very cool graffito-like pattern will be laser engraved on the yo-yo.


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