Buying Your First Yoyo

There are many different kinds of yo-yos to purchase, and buying your first one can be a very complicated task.

The first thing to think about before you decide to spend your money is what style of yoyoing you want to do. I would suggest starting with 1A, or single handed yoyoing.

If you plan on buying a yoyo online, purchasing a cheap Yoyojam would be a great idea. I suggest the Kickside, Speedmaker, or Lyn Fury model. A common question is which of these is the "best", but it all comes down to preference. Pick the one that looks the coolest, you won't be dissapointed.

Purchasing Yoyo String

Now, what good will a new yoyo do if you dont have any string to use with it? String is an obvious essential to yoyoing, and there are many different types to choose from. For one-handed yoyoing, Type 6 50% cotton 50% polyester (slick 6) is probably the most popular all-around string. There are many more types of string to choose from, but for simplicity, buying a 100 bundle of Slick 6 is a great idea.

Other Essentials

Having a new yoyo is great, but having the tools to tune it properly will make learning how to yoyo much easier.

A must-have for all beginners is yoyo lubricant. Brain Lube will help keep your yoyo responsive until you learn how to bind. If you already know how to bind, Yoyojam Thin Lube is a great purchase.

If you purchase a yoyo that requires response stickers, buying extras of these is a great idea.

After you yoyo for a long time, your fingers will start to hurt from the constant tightening of the string. This wont go away until you develop a callous, but to relieve this temporarily, buying finger tape or a yoyo glove is a good idea.