Benjamin McPhee is the Product and Brand Manager for YoYoFactory. Ben often represents YoYoFactory on store forums, posting as yoyofactoryben.

Ben is an Australian, not often a contest competitor, and was once a member of World Team Proyo with YoHans. It was back then that Ben invented the trick Cold Fusion. When Hans was starting YoYoFactory in 2003, he called on Ben to help get the company off the ground. McPhee is also an avid photographer, and he named his first born son "Cash."

Signature Yo-yo



  • Australian Nationals - 2nd place


  • Australian Nationals - 1st place
  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5th place
  • Proyo Worlds - 1st place


  • MAStates 2A - 5th place


  • SCR 2a - 1st Place
  • Triple Crown of YoYo - 5th (overall)
  • USA National Contest 2A - 7th place


  • BAC 2A - 4th Place
  • USA National Contest 2A - 7th place

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