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The Vitality
BigYoYoString Vitality
Manufacturer BigYoYoString
Release date July 2013 (Proto)
Shape Butterfly
Color Prototype
Weight Body (64.47 grams) + Spikes (3.2 grams) = 67.67.
Dimensions 44.21mm width 55.65mm diameter
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response system One Drop Flow Grove and Side Effects

The Vitality by BigYoYoString was designed by Joshua Rodriquez with the help of many others in the yoyo community. The Vitality is the first non-One Drop produced yoyo to use their Side Effects technology.

The Vitality was originally designed by Joshua Rodriquez in AutoCAD when he was one day just learning how to use the program. He came up with a design that looked promising to him and decided to pursue looking into getting the yo-yo made machined.

He contacted David from One Drop, and was able to be given the luxury of using their Side Effect Axle system. After this, Josh decided that his skill was nowhere near what was needed to cut out the old hub, and or re-design the yoyo around another file, so he contacted Landon at 3yo3 yoyos, and proceeded to have his yoyo design reworked, and essentially "fixed" as to not end up with a bunch of yoyo's that vibrate for his initial prototype run.

After all this was said and done, Josh then contacted Alvin from Foxland Precision, a very small machining company, as well as a yoyo company, and had him bring to life, The Vitality. 

Contributions. []

  • The following people contributed knowledge, understanding, and their expertise in The Vitality's creation. 
  • David and Shawn from OneDropYoYos. For the use of their Axle system.
  • Landon from 3yo3. For his design skills and knowledge.
  • Alvin from Foxland Precision. For his machinist skills, He was the first yoyo machinist outside of One Drop to utilize and properly machine the Side Effect Axle System. 


Weight is with Bearing, Silicone Pads, and the 2 halves. This Excludes the SE. Final weight is affected by the side effects that you use.(i.e. Vitality (64.47 grams) + Alum Spikes (3.2 grams) = 67.67. etc.)

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