Bird In Hand is a yo-yo store in Chico California. Bird In Hand is owned by Bob Malowney who also organizes the American National Yo-Yo Contest. The store also houses the National Yo-yo Museum which is free to the public. The Chico Yo-Yo Club also meets there.


In the 1980's there were only a few one-piece wooden yo-yos available for tournament play, which Bird In Hand filled with the production of their own line. Yo-yos were produced from 1988 to 1995, and were turned by Steve Smith. Yo-yos were produced in both natural and painted wood and had enamel or lacquer finishes. Yo-yos were produced according to stock order, 22, 23 (both sigle-piece yo-yos), 32 and 33 (both 3-piece yo-yos), but these numbers are not found on the yo-yo logo or seal.

All yo-yos with the logo Bird in Hand Yo-Yo were produced in Chico, California. In recent years yo-yos for the US National Contest were produced by Hummingbird and What's Next, but these yo-yos didn't have the word yo-yo on the reverse side, although it featured the words Bird in Hand.

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