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Rolling Thunder
Manufacturer Abbe Toys
Release date May 1999
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Various
Weight 56.69 grams
Dimensions Diameter: N/A
Width: N/A
Material Plastic
Bearing size N/A
Response system Auto-return cam, complimented by starbursts

The Rolling Thunder is a yo-yo released by Abbe Toys as part of the Black Mamba line in May 1999. It featured an auto-return cam system, much like the Yo-Matic Black Mamba, but this time, there are four-armed quads weighted with metal balls. It also features a steel ball bearing axle, making it the "five-star" version of the Voodoo Guru.


  • This yo-yo, along with the Voodoo Guru, could be considered Australia's equivalents to the Yomega X-Brain.


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