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The blazing teens sky rocket yo-yo features lightup side caps and comes with a ball bearing and starburst response system. It has a butterfly shape and is intended for string tricks.


  • starburst response system
  • small size ball bearing
  • lightup sidecaps
  • butterfly shape
  • Core System : The Exact Bead Bearing Core
  • Body Shape : Butterfly
  • Max Rotation times : 4'18"
  • Diameter : 60mm
  • Weight : 65g


This yoyo is similar to the Blazing Teens Ice Storm, and may also be a copy of the Yomega Saber Raider.

The Sky Rocket is designed for string tricks, and the wing/butterfly shape and wide gap of the yoyo makes it much easier for the yoyo to land on the string.

Player Review[]

This yoyo plays pretty well when straight out of the box. It already sleeps for more than 15 seconds, but is extremely responsive. If the yoyo is pulled back before a good long sleep, it tends to painfully snap back to your hand.

To fix this problem, I lubed the axle, maybe 1-2 drops, and oiled the ball bearing. The spacers can be replaced with plastic Yomega ones, the Fireball size. After that, the yoyo will sleep to about 30 seconds!

The flashy lights on the sidecaps can be annoying, and may look unprofessional to more advanced players, so I would recommend breaking them.:) Well, if thats a little messy, I would paint right on the sidecaps. It won't work out, trust me. :(

Anyway, after the lube and oil, the yoyo plays like new, and the longer sleep time allows more tricks followed together. Hope this helps!

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