Yo-yos are cool

I think that it's cool that all these companies out there always have new ideas for the world of yo-yoing. At one point, I saw a concept yo-yo on eBay that has a ball bearing that is 16mm in diameter, bigger than a Size C bearing (can you believe that?! 16mm in diameter!). It's not there anymore. Unfortunately, I forgot the name, but I'm pretty sure that it's got gorilla in the name. I think that it's amazing how much yo-yos changed over the years when it was first popularized back in by Donald F. Duncan Sr., but it was Pedro Flores that brought the yo-yo to the United States in the first place. Sure, there are some controversial stuff in the yo-yo's history; especially with Playmaxx going around suing whatever company that they thought infringed upon the copyright of the brake pad response system (which I think is quite childish and irresponsible), and that lawsuit that allowed all companies to use the yo-yo word.

Among the yo-yo concepts, I think that the customizable ones with interchangeable parts, such as Bandai's Hyper Dragon and HyperCluster yo-yos, are among the coolest.   

  EDIT: You know that Gorilla yo-yo I mentioned! I finally remembered what it is; the HSpin Gorylla 616 concept yo-yo!