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Bob Allen was a Duncan demonstrator in the 1950s. During this time period, he was billed as one of the most popular demonstrators in California, put together a competition kit for Duncan and worked very closely with the Parks and Recreation system to promote contests.

In the 1960s Duncan changed their marketing strategy and laid off many of its paid travelling demonstrators, opting rather to go with a television-based promotion strategy. Bob believed that there was still a large role to play by the travelling demonstrator and started his own line of yo-yos, called return tops, due to Duncan's trademark of the word yo-yo. In the 1960s he continued to run contests in California, promoting his own yo-yos and even got into contact with the Pepsi Cola Company to sponsor some of the events. The distribution of Bob's yo-yos were limited to California, along with his contests.

Four versions of the Sidewinder were produced, each with a different price-point, shape (slimline or tournament), material (either plastic or wood) and decal.

Yo-Yos Produced

  • Sidewinder