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Brandon Baines is an American yo-yoer and was a member of Team YoYoJam 2005 to 2015. He first made a name for himself with his video entitled “Revelation” in the summer of 2005, which prompted a sponsorship from YoYoJam. He followed up with his next video, “My Style,” in summer 2006. Brandon is best known for his complex slack-style tricks and his willingness to reject current trends in yo-yo tricks in order to stay true to his style. As a result, Brandon does not put much emphasis on winning contests but, rather, demonstrates his love for yo-yoing and complex techniques through videos and sharing them with friends. Brandon cites Rodrigo Yokota, Mikhail Tulabut, Johnnie DelValle, and Eric Koloski as his biggest inspirations and favorite yo-yo players.



Playing Since: 1997

Sponsors: YoYoJam (former)

Favorite Yo-Yo: YoYoJam X-Con Pro

Styles of Play: 1A (primary), 5A (secondary)

Hometown: Scarborough, Maine, USA

Current place of residence: Takatsuki-shi Osaka, Japan

Date of Birth: June 9th, 1988

Favorite Style of Music: '90s pop-rock

Other hobbies: Martial arts, singing, watch collecting and watch photography, cooking and baking

Notable achievements:

2005: Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Competition- 5th place 1A

Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest- 5th place 1A.

2007: Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Competition- 3rd place 1A

2009: Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest - 7th place 1A

Canadian National Yo-Yo Contest- 2nd place 1A

2010: Massachusetts State Yo-Yo Competition- 5th place 1A

Other facts:

Brandon earned a fourth-degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and actively studied martial arts from age seven to 23. In March 2012, he moved to Japan to start a new job teaching English to elementary-aged children, and he now works as a full-time copy editor and writer for Fratello Watches. Brandon is also well known in his home state of Maine as a yo-yo performer and began sharing the joy of yo-yos (and some dry comedy) with audiences of all ages in 2005.