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Manufacturer Brazilian Yoyo
Release date January 2016
Shape Step Straight
Color Black (Titi Freak edition)
Weight 67 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58mm
Width: 44mm
Material Aluminum with stainless steel rims
Bearing size Size C Concave
Response system Brazilian Yoyo 19x14mm Pads

The Balrog is a yo-yo released in January 2016 by Brazilian Yoyo. It is their first (and by far, their only) bi-metal yo-yo, meaning that it is made of two different metals in its construction. The Balrog is built of an aluminum body with stainless steel rings on the outer rims.

It was first showcased at the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest, where the prototypes were tested by great 1A players such as Shinya Kido and Daniel Borges. Victor Sacchelli used a Balrog prototype to win the Paranaense Yo-Yo Contest in the 1A Division. This yo-yo just comes to show what Ioiô Fênix is capable of when designing high performance yo-yos, and what they're capable of is a lot.

A special black edition of the Balrog, featuring engravings by Brazilian graffiti artist and former Duncan Crew Brazil member Titi Freak, was also released. This edition was first given a pre-release at the Brazilian Nationals in Spring 2016, and given a wider retail release later on. Each Titi Freak edition Balrog also comes with high-end Kitty Strings.


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