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Hover prata perfil
Manufacturer Brazilian Yoyo
Release date 2013
Shape H-Shape
Color Various splash anodizations
Weight 67 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 59mm
Width: 44mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C Concave
Response system Brazilian Yoyo 19x14mm Pads

The Hover is a big, wide and competition-ready yo-yo, and the flagship model of Brazilian Yoyo since 2013.

With an H-shaped body profile, the Hover floats between strings, and features a concave bearing to center the string for the most advanced tricks. It also features concave faces on the sides for finger spins, and comes in a wide variety of splash-anodized colorways.

The first production run had a glossy finish, while the second run, which was released a year later, had a blasted finish, making the yo-yo grind-capable.

Also released was a limited Spanish Fighter Edition of the yo-yo, for the 2014 CEYY. It had red and green body halves with a yellow splash on the green half and a green splash on the red. It also has laser-engraved text and a silhouette of the Street Fighter character, Vega (known in Japan as Balrog), playing with a yo-yo.

The Hover is the weapon of choice for both 1A and 3A National Champions from Brazil, Daniel Borges (1A) and Hideki Yassuda (3A) respectively.