Brent Stole This Is How You Do It, Tutorial With Slo Motion And Close Ups

Brent Stole is a popular Alpha-style Green Triangle laceration invented by Alex Berenguel. The trick's name is a shortening and abbreviation of "the trick Brent Dillinger stole from Alex Berenguel at Nationals."

Brent Dillinger allegedly claimed he did not deliberately steal the trick, and that he was unaware that Berenguel had landed it first. 

To do the trick, you will need to have mastered the Hidemasa Hook first.

To do the Brent Stole:

  1. Start with a breakaway
  2. Whip up like doing a laceration but push your throwhand foward
  3. The loop should wrap around the string from your throwhand, then the yo-yo
  4. You should now be in a green triangle mount
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