Brett Outchcunis (also known as "Ooch") is a member of Team Yomega. Not only is he a member of the Team, he is also very instrumental part to Yomega's promotions. According to Yomega's website, he is the “the face, voice and spirit of Yomega” and has been the official in-house demonstrator / Team Yomega coach for over 9 years. He was also the “star” of the Yomega Zone and Power of Yo video. Brett is basically in charge of all major promotions for Yomega.

Brett’s yo-yo career began at Green Acre Baha’i School 20 years ago. Brett quickly realized that his unique talent with the yo-yo would prove beneficial in making friends and entertaining others. Through primary school and college, Brett never put the yo-yo down.

Brett began his professional yo-yo career directly after graduating from UMass, Amherst in 1998. Two weeks after graduating he joined forces with Yomega Corp., a world-wide yo-yo manufacturer based in Fall River, MA. Since then, he toured the country multiple times performing with yo-yos, toured Australia twice and recently finished a three and a half month cross-country yo-yo tour with the yo-yo division of Hasbro Toys. He has performed on Good Morning America, Crook & Chase, ABC, NBC and CNN, stars in three yo-yo training videos and recently performed with Josh Peck of Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh” in a promotional yo-yo event in LA.

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