Buzz-On Industries was founded in 2003 by Dave Bazan and Dave Muehlhaeusler and makes plastic yo-yos with metal or rubber weight rings. In the past Buzz-On yo-yos had however gained a reputation for wobbling, but this has since been remedied.

Buzz-On had their own contest team, Team Buzz-On, and sponsors the team and various yo-yo events by allocating 50% of their profits towards these causes.

Despite rumors that Dave Bazan plans to revive Buzz-On, the company has not released any new yo-yos in a number of years and is considered defunct.

Buzz-On's legacy lives on with the SPR kits, which formed the basis for Buzz-On bearing seats. These interchangeable brass spacers sported a bearing seat and response pad area, and were made in three sizes (C size, A size, and Aquarius size bearings).  

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