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Buzz-On C-Note
Manufacturer Buzz-On
Release date 2000s
Shape Butterfly
Color Black with gold weight rings
Weight 100 grams
Dimensions Diameter 57.16mm
Width: 39.25mm
Material Plastic with metal weight rings
Bearing size Size C
Response system Buzz-On SPR (large bearing)

The C-Note by Buzz-On was specifically made to try to break the Worlds Open Division Sleep Record. For that purpose, it weighs 100 grams. The yo-yo was said to come from a production goof-up involving a batch of Bushido weight rings that are made with the inner diameter of the Menehune's rings. Rather than letting them go to waste, they attached the overthickened rings to the bodies of Element X/Bushido yo-yos, thus the C-Note was born. Only 100 pieces were produced.

Buzz-On offered $100 to the person who could break the record at an official AYYA event, and to anyone who could do so with the C-Note, five additional yo-yos with commemorative pogs of that person. Ultimately, however, hobody has ever broken the record using the C-Note.


  • The C-Note's name comes from a slang term for a $100 U.S. dollar bill. The yo-yo weighing in at 100 grams is also a reference, as was the $100 cash prize that was offered to anybody who could break the long sleeper record at an AYYA event. Along with that, there's the fact that only one hundred C-Note yo-yos were ever made. Quite the fixation on the number 100, isn't it?